35 Years of Continuous Improvement

​LSPI introduced the first commercial drag reducer (CDR Gel) to the market in 1979, thus setting off a revolution in pipeline technology.  For the first time, it became possible to increase pipeline throughput without requiring additional pipeline infrastructure or horsepower.  It is interesting to look back at the levels of performance provided by this revolutionary technology. 

LSPI has focused on continuous improvement in DRA performance over its history.  There were several different gel-type products issued, each making incremental improvements to dosage performance and maximum achievable percent drag reduction.  In 1995, LP™100 was introduced. It was the original suspension-type DRA, and a true game-changer for the industry.   LP™100 provided a three- to fourfold improvement in dosage, and even higher ultimate performance, than the best of the gel technology.  Since 1995, LSPI has pushed the boundaries by developing suspension DRA for clean products (RefinedPower®) and by enabling performance in true heavy crude (ExtremePower®)

By today's standards, the first drag reducer (CDR 101) was bulky, not very effective, and difficult to handle.  At typical dosage levels, it required over 16 times the volume of today's LP™100.  Maximum drag reduction achievable was only 45%, even at very high dosages.  Pressurized containers were required to store the product on site and facilitate injection into the pipeline.  This demonstrates the evolutionary technology and commitment to product optimization.  

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