LSPI’s Pioneering History

Lubrizol Specialty Products, Inc. developed its pioneering technology during the 1970s while part of Conoco, Inc. (which later merged with Phillips). In 1979 the company introduced its first commercial drag reducer, a gel-type product, named CDR. The product was exceptionally successful, and demand for this specialized technology rapidly grew.

LSPI continued to invest in drag reduction technology, extending development through two subsequent generations, and achieving in excess of 10-fold performance increase compared to the original product. In the early 1990s, the company embarked on a mission to improve the delivery and handling of drag reducers. The result was a new generation of suspension–based flow improvers introduced under the LiquidPower™ brand. This was followed in 1997 with the commercialization of RefinedPower® Flow Improver, another suspension flow improver, for refined product pipeline applications. Since then, LSPI has developed ExtremePower® Flow Improver for true heavy crude applications.

LSPI is proud of its pioneering heritage and continues to improve upon already outstanding technology. With dedicated teams and worldwide reach, LSPI strives to continually produce better, higher performing products, while maintaining superior service.

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