LiquidPower™ Flow Improvers

LiquidPower® Flow Improvers

Light and Medium Crude Medium-Heavy Crude Condensate Multiphase Applications

LiquidPower® LP 100 flow improver sets the industry benchmark for crude oil drag reduction and is the most widely used DRA in the world. Other LiquidPower® flow improver products are available for prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures, multiphase flow and low dosage applications. LiquidPower® flow improvers can provide 80 percent or greater drag reduction.

Product Data Sheets
LP™ 100​for crude oil
LP™ 111 ​for high performance in crude​
LP™ 300 ​        ​for heavier crude oil
LP™ Winter ​for crude oil in cold climates
​​LP™ Arctic Grade™ ​​ ​for crude oil in cold climates

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